Pokemon sets: Venasaur

Venasaur is an amazing Pokemon. For me, it is one of my best Pokemon. Venasaur’s general role is a tank, but that’s not the only way to run it. I guess I should go over venasaur before explaining my way of running it.

Venasaur Base Stats:

80 HP 83 Attack 83 Defense 100 Special Attack 100 Special Defense 80 Speed

Venasaur has average base stats. Its ability is normally Overgrow where its grass type attacks are boosted by 1.5 percent. Its hidden ability is Chlorophyll where its speed is doubled in harsh sunlight.

Overall Venasaur decent for defense, but I like to add a twist to it. Normally Venasaur is run with the EVs 252 HP 252 Special Defense 4 Special Attack for a wall in Special Defense with a move set like Mega Drain, Sludge Bomb, Leech Seed, and Substitute. Also, having the item leftovers for more healing. The way to run Venasaur is first using Substitute followed up by Leech Seed. Then use Giga Drain to get HP back. Now if you are fighting a Grass type and it’s a tank you need to change things up. Most tanks rely on Toxic but because you are poison type it doesn’t affect you. Just Sludge Bomb them to death. If are fighting regular Grass types, use the same move, just Sludge Bomb them to death. Now if your opponent is another Venasaur, you should Sludge Bomb them because it’s more effective at inflicting damage.

My style of running Venasaur is different. I run 252 Special Attack and 252 HP with 4 Special Defense, so I can sweep my opponent with a bulky Pokemon. Generally, I run Giga Drain, which is the main attack, with Sleep Powder for dangerous foes that are psychic type or flying type. For my second stab, I run Sludge Bomb (Giga Drain was my first). Finally I run Leaf Storm, so I can nuke almost anything. For example, a turn where it’s my last attack because they will kill me and Giga Drain can’t save me. I also run venasaurite because thick fat is really good for being resistant to fire and ice attacks

For example, a turn where it’s my last attack because my opponent will kill me and Giga Drain can’t save me with its healing. I run Venasaurite because my Mega Evolution gives me the ability thick fat, which is really good for resistance to fire and ice attacks, therefore, reducing my weaknesses to flying and psychic. The strategy is Giga Drain them to death unless it’s not very effective, or use Sludge Bomb unless any of the other situation’s occur. Overall that’s how you run Venasaur.

Source: Base stats